Friday, February 13, 2009

All the same, but different

Ya know, I'm tired of myself being all down. It's high-time I get back to being my ole', weird,bratty, self, and start complaining again! The only thing I can draw upon,(which I really have no room doing right now,) is the courthouse. Boy,~let me tell ya!~that place is crawling w/ blogger fodder,-trust me on this! I mean, I thought you were suppose to dress respectful when you go to court. The outfits I saw there were UNBELIEVABLE.
UN-BE-LIEVE-A-BULL. I saw more tatoos,bellybutton piercings,gold teeth, and general body parts than being at Daytona for Bike Week.(OK, I was there once w/ my second boyfriend-I was 19 for cryin' out loud.) AND THE OUTFITS, OMG! The HORROR! Flip-flops, really WEIRD pedicures,(hey-at least there WAS pedicures!), SHORT cheerleader skirts, platform hooker-heels,(well, maybe they WERE hookers,~what do I know?!), gold teeth, gold fingernails, NO TEETH, (didn't see anyone w/ no fingernails tho-thank goodness.) I swear, I felt downright dowdy in my black cashmere turtleneck,swingy above-the-knee-skirt,black tights, and Coach,platform,maryjane, wedges. (Hey, it was the coldest day of the year here in South FL. and I was still freezing my bippys off!) I wanted to look hip AND respectful, and my husband wore a suit and tie! Boy, did we feel like idiots. BUT,...and this is a BIG but,....the judge for some reason, ended up liking my husband, and for some miracle of miracles, DIDN'T take him into custody,(because unknown to us at the time, the police took the two charges we had, and split them into THREE, and that violated the bond we had. ~ya think the five-digit paid lawyer could've known and gave us a heads up on this?~ I wanted to beat him silly.) Instead, I calmly walked out w/ my husband, w/ my insides shaking, and a big ball of lead in my stomach, shook his hand and thanked him, and we (thankfully) went home to wait for the next courtdate, which was four days later. Funny, but when you start doing this, I first looked at all these people like; 'They're NOT like us,' and now, after two courtdates, many visits to the bondsman, and the lawyer(s), I know that we are NO DIFFERENT than anyone there that I see in that courthouse, (cops,lawyers,AND criminals,) except that we,(my husband and I) may have a little better luck at finances, and be in a spot where we don't HAVE to work and worry about all that. It's just so hard to know that we could fall on different hard times if my husband ends up having to go to prison. I mean, who knows what happens next. All I DO know is,....the difference is the cops, and lawyers think they are SO ABOVE the so-called 'criminals' there, and really it's a very fine line. If you only knew,.....